Top Tips For Keeping On Top Of Your Home Maintenance


Whilst home maintenance and repair jobs can seem somewhat complicated, it is important to keep on top of them.

You may be worried that you will make things worse or do something wrong. But, keeping on top of these things yourself, is much cheaper than having to hire a professional contractor.

Learning to maintain your property doesn’t require a lot of specialist knowledge or training, just some time and effort.

For a guide to performing some simple home maintenance, have a read of this.

How to deal with a leaking tap

A leaking valve tends to be caused by a worn out washer. The washer that is in place inside the tap is made of rubber and so can wear out quite quickly.

To replace a worn washer, start by turning off the main water supply. Then all you need to do is unscrew the leaking taps’ handle, remove the worn washer and pop a new one on in its place.

You can buy new washers from home stores or online appliance parts stores, for around five dollars each.

How to properly care for your air conditioning

Regularly checking your air conditioning is an important job, but one that is often forgotten. However, if your air conditioning develops a fault, it can be incredibly expensive to repair. That’s why it is so important to look after your air conditioning properly.

It is essential that you regularly check the condensation tube to ensure water can flow from the line. If you find that there is any standing water where you condensation tube drains to, it is important that you find a way to stop this from occurring. Use a trowel to create a narrow drainage runway allowing the water to drain away. Ensuring that the water can drain is essential, otherwise mold or algae may start to grow, which can be a serious health hazard. Especially if the spores from the mold are blown through your air con and into your home.

Change your air filters regularly

One of the most important home maintenance jobs is checking and changing your air filters regularly. When your air conditioners and heaters are being used a lot, it is important that your filters are changed at least every two weeks.

Whilst you may be concerned about the costs of changing your filters so often, you need not worry. Cheaper fiberglass filters are a much better choice than more expensive HEPA filters, as they allow a better air flow within the system.

Keep on top of tumble dryer maintenance

Keeping on top of tumble dryer care is vital, as a lack of maintenance can lead to the dryer catching alight. To prevent the risk of a fire, it is essential that you regularly clean your lint screen.

As well as preventing your dryer from catching alight, regular maintenance can also help to increase the devices life expectancy.


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Clear your gutters out

Gutters are the first line of defense for protecting your home from rain and weather damage. Gutters were created to catch water and debris coming off of the roof, diverting it away from the house itself. For example, one of the leading causes of water-logged basements is lack of proper gutter care and maintenance.

To keep your gutters working properly, make sure to clean them out at least twice a year. When cleaning your gutter it is important that you remove all debris from it, before flushing them out with fresh water.