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Is it Time to Take Your Relationship to the Next Level?

If you’re in a happy, loving relationship, you might be thinking about taking your relationship to the next level. That’s right; the big M word: marriage! How do you know when the time is right? Read on to find out! You have a Mature Relationship A mature relationship doesn’t mean you’re both boring and don’t […]

By Kerry | August 25, 2015 | Relationships Read More

The Features of Your Home That Most Quickly Look Dated

We all want our homes to feel fresh and modern. But there are some features that become dated more quickly than others, and they could be holding your home back. Kitchen Cabinets Over the past 20 years, maple and oak stained cabinets were very popular. But that ugly tradition is slowly dying out now. And […]

By Kerry | August 19, 2015 | Home & DIY Read More

You Have to Consider These if You’re Thinking of Moving House

If you’re thinking about moving house, you have a lot of big decisions to make. It can be stressful and complicated. But it’s essential that you make the right choices and decisions now. You need to think about the important factors to make an informed decision. These are some of the most essential factors you […]

By Kerry | August 10, 2015 | Home & DIY Read More

How To Create The Perfect Temporary Home

In an ideal world, we’d all love to settle forever in the perfect family home. However, for many people, a short-term solution is key. There are many reasons that you might need a home on a relatively short-term basis. Perhaps you’ve been relocated for a one-year work placement. Whatever the reason, it shouldn’t stop you […]

By Kerry | August 2, 2015 | Home & DIY Read More

The 7 Healthiest Drinks On The Planet

source For anyone looking to improve their diet, you’ve got to keep one eye on your drinking habits. Alcohol, fizzy drinks, and coffee all have a negative effect on your body and ought to be reduced. But, what are the best drinks to consume in their place? In this post, we’re exploring the healthiest drinks […]

By Kerry | July 28, 2015 | Health & Fitness Read More

Key Areas of Your Home That Require Special Attention

In the home, there are plenty of areas that could do with care and attention. However, some of these areas are more important than others. You need to protect your home and try to develop it as much as you can. This is a list of some of the key areas of the home that […]

By Kerry | July 24, 2015 | Home & DIY Read More
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